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By choosing me as your celebrant, you’re choosing a Tranquil Lane wedding. - 

Moira, Commonwealth-Registered Civil Celebrant

I’m Moira, your Tranquil Lane Celebrant.


As a celebrant, it's only natural that I LOVE love, ritual & ceremony. I am not, however, keen on the materialism, commercialisation, and unnecessary stress that can present in the wedding industry. It is my passion to support and guide couples to create more conscious, easeful and enjoyable weddings.


My own love story and a strong pull towards a nature-filled and free-range lifestyle for my family landed me in the beautiful South West region. Growing up on a farm, I’m in my element in the bush, and you will often mind me out trail running, swimming or surfing one of the many breaks around Cape Naturaliste. I couldn’t be happier I took that leap of faith to move back to the country, which really has allowed us to live a life in the Tranquil Lane. 


Why the Tranquil Lane? 

My husband and I created 'The Tranquil Lane’ 5 years ago. Initially, it was a creative platform to share our journey with our community by documenting our adventures, capturing beautiful landscapes and showing our utmost appreciation for mother nature.  As our lives have evolved, so has the Tranquil Lane. To us, being in the Tranquil Lane is living in your highest alignment. It’s about practising strong values and choosing a path that supports your vision. It’s about doing our best to live out the life we dream about.


After getting married and starting a family, it was time to achieve one of my life long goals of becoming a wedding celebrant, so here we are. 


I come from a career in Health Promotion, Health Coaching, Personal Training and Yoga Teaching. This path has given me plenty of experience managing people, events and of high importance, holding space. It’s my empathetic edge that makes sure that humans and community are at the centre of everything I write and do.


By choosing me as your celebrant, you’re choosing a Tranquil Lane wedding. With this, you can expect an authentic, laid back and FUN wedding journey and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you. 


x Moira 

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